Lexus ES 300h Review, Rating And Range 

The Lexus ES 300h is a unprecedented luxury automobile with a wonderful superiority in terms of reliableness and safety. The ES 300h has got a really necessary fuel efficiency among the hybrid cars of this category. It additionally includes an excellent distinction in dependability and reliableness among its rivals within the mid-range. The reliableness and safety crash test resulted in being among the foremost reliable cars. The ES 300h provides high fuel savings annually. The Lexus ES 300h value is $41,820. It additionally supplies $750 a year on the average compared to its peers. This automobile offers a wide range of luxury specifications and superior safety technology in one package. All of these options become an inexpensive retail worth compared to different mid-range cars in this category.

Lexus ES 300h Review 

A Luxury Sedan

The Lexus ES 300h review shows that its special artificial leather covers are very top quality. However there are packs of real leather seats for a lot of quality. The capability of the 5-seater Lexus ES 300h specs offers several new specifications. The front seats are quite spacious. There are a lot of leg spaces in front of the rear seat than several cars.

Lexus ES 300h review

Lexus ES 300h review

Full Hybrid Technology

The Lexus ES 300h hybrid car provides very economical power and fuel efficiency. Well-designed and quality luxury automobile lovers will love this vehicle. People who have tried and tested the Lexus ES 300h will certainly appreciate the Lexus style and appreciate the hybrid quality. The general installation of this mini hybrid car consists of a CVT (automatic transmission type), a 4-cylinder engine and an electrical motor.

Advanced and Superior Aerodynamics

In general, this excellent hybrid highway or rugged village roads supply nice driving pleasure. It conjointly includes a comfortable aerodynamic structure and a comfortable driving show. The Lexus ES 300h is totally comfort-oriented, because the performance specifications may be understood. It offers priority to cabin comfort and fuel efficiency.

Excellent Roadholding

Very few trunk shaking and sailing move on the road with terribly soft suspension. It has a superb roadholding property. The Lexus ES 300h is with expertise designed to reinforce passenger comfort.

Lexus ES 300h roadholding

Lexus ES 300h roadholding

Augmented Control

The inside and exterior style of the Lexus ES 300h augmented the vehicle’s dynamic style. Also, this new Lexus model includes a wide space at the rear section. The Lexus ES 300h provides a hybrid augmented acceleration. You will not have any issues change from electrical mode to fuel power, during this beautiful and unbelievable automobile.

Extraordinary Exterior Design

Distinctive aesthetic style specifications are exhibited bumper and headlight mount specifications. All materials overlap smoothly. Due to its fantastic aerodynamic structure, it’s impossible achieve the car’s noise from the suspension and also the wind noise returning from outside.

Aesthetic Interior Design

This attractive new Lexus model offers exceptional selections with its ambience and special lighting. the big ES 300h with 5-seat capacity is accessible in front seats with artificial leather upholstery. Heated and vented seats, heated steering wheel and leather seats are a number of the aesthetic new additions to the Lexus ES 300h.

Lexus ES 300h interior design

Lexus ES 300h interior design

Engine and Performance

The Lexus ES 300h works with an automatic 4-cylinder engine, an electrical motor and an unendingly variable transmission. The Lexus ES 300h electric car specifications a 0.66 gallon 4-cylinder engine and one motor paired with an endlessly shifting automatic transmission. This automobile is additionally one among the vehicles with the smallest amount fuel consumption in its class. The capacity of the ES 300h fuel tank is 13.2 gallons. This hybrid vehicle offers the best chance of fuel efficiency. It takes regarding 8.1 seconds to achieve 60 mph. This car performs higher than a 200 H.P. automobile.

Fuel Consumption

The Lexus es 300h proves to be superior in terms of mpg, with a fuel consumption of around 38 mpg. This vehicle has a fuel consumption rate of 39 mpg on the highway and 40 mpg in the central city compared to its peers.

Lexus ES 300h electric car

Lexus ES 300h electric car

Size Specifications

The ES 300h hybrid vehicle includes a width of 73.3 inches, a length of 195.9 inches and a height of 56.8 inches.

Capacity Specifications

The technology style of the trunk compartment round the hybrid battery is extremely good. The ES 300h includes a 12.1 cu ft trunk, one among the other smallest trunk, consistent with medium-sized luxury cars.

Lexus ES 300h capacity

Lexus ES 300h capacity

Safety Specifications

2018 Lexus ES 300h standard safety technology; such as adaptive cruise control includes the stripe departure warning, the rain detection windscreen wipers, the rearview camera and also the front collision detection system. Besides, blind spot monitor, parking sensors and rear cross traffic warning are obtainable. The Lexus has achieved a 5-star rating from safety and crash tests.

Warranty Specification

The Lexus ES 300h automobile comes with a hybrid guarantee of four years or 50,000 miles and a 5-year or 70,000-mile hybrid guarantee. Additionally, there’s a guaranty of 8 years or 100,000 miles of hybrid systems.

Lexus ES 300h warranty

Lexus ES 300h warranty


Every Lexus car comes with initial and second maintenance services. These services are supplied at 6 months/5,000 miles and 12 months/10,000.


The Lexus ES 300h value is $ 41,820. All of these specifications transform a reasonable retail worth compared to different luxury cars during its class.

Lexus ES 300h price

Lexus ES 300h price

Other Standard Specifications

The Lexus ES 300h has an infotainment system, eight speakers a 7-inch display and voice commands through Siri Eyes Free. On the other hand, its interface is tough to use and noteworthy.

Lexus ES 300h Rating 

Space Rating: 8/10

The Lexus ES 300h rating shows very high values on this perfect hybrid car. The amount of trunk and loading in this little automobile is comparatively low.

Lexus ES 300h rating

Lexus ES 300h rating

Comfort Rating: 9/10

The vehicle’s steering and gear synchronization has top quality. These are very capable in terms of driving comfort. It continuously offers great comfort due to its leather seats.

Dashboard Rating: 9/10

The Lexus has a very prospering image for this auto. The interface of the infotainment system is impressing.

Easy Driving Rating: 10/10

The steering wheel and the pedals have an effective synchronization. Braking quality is extremely calming and sensitive.

Lexus ES 300h driving

Lexus ES 300h driving

Fun Driving Rating: 9/10

The vehicle’s useful infotainment system, reliable braking systems and quick acceleration provide a fun driving.

Reliability Rating: 10/10

The Lexus ES 300h shows that The Lexus’s distinction material stability and in quality of craftsmanship. So, This car has an important reliability.

Lexus ES 300h hybrid car

Lexus ES 300h hybrid car

Fuel Economy Rating: 9/10

The Lexus ES 300h is an energy-efficient auto that supplies an ample amount of money.

Availability and Price Rating: 10/10

The Lexus ES 300h value is $ 41,820. It additionally saves $ 750 a year on the average compared to its peers. So, this price very reasonable.

Safety Rating: 10/10

The Lexus ES 300h is a absolutely equipped automobile with safety systems such as braking, radar and sensors.

Standard Specifications Rating: 9/10

The Lexus ES 300h has a lot of successful standard specifications. These specifications are very convenient most of the drivers.

Lexus ES 300h engine

Lexus ES 300h engine

Resolution Rating: 10/10

The Lexus ES 300h is an example of a reliable car. The Lexus is also committed to high-quality product.

Lexus ES 300h Range 

The Lexus ES 300h range is approximately 250 miles. Of course, it’s a very important specifications about fuel efficiency.

Lexus ES 300h Review, Rating And Range 
  • Space Rating
  • Comfort Rating
  • Dashboard Rating
  • Easy Driving Rating
  • Fun Driving Rating
  • Reliability Rating
  • Fuel Economy Rating
  • Availability and Price Rating
  • Safety Rating
  • Standard Specifications Rating
  • Resolution Rating


The Lexus ES 300h review shows the a perfect quality thanks to the Lexus ES 300h rating. Besides, the Lexus ES 300h range value is very higher than the other peers.

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