Tesla Model 3 Long Range Price, Specs, Photos And Videos 

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range is an exceptional performance vehicle with excellent EV (electrical vehicle) efficiency, energetic acceleration and mastery. Tesla’s vision is characterized by many specifications especially touch screens, which aims to make cars look like spaceships. The spacious interior and seats and the aesthetics of the technology are great. Tesla Model 3 Long Range 300 horsepower and 0 torque power. It transfers this power to the rear wheels. The vehicle gets a speed of 0 to 62 miles/h in 5.1 seconds. This magnificent car is manufactured to a maximum speed of 140 miles/h. This vehicle produces 0 emissions and is able to be nature friendly with 140 kwh battery. It spends only 75 kWh of energy over 62 miles.

How Much is The Tesla Model 3 Long Range Price?

The 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range price starts at $ 49,000. This price can be considered a small luxury car for an average price. Also, the price of the vehicle is lower than the price of its competitors with many high level specifications, which is $ 60,000 with extra and upgrade options.

Tesla model 3 long range price

Tesla model 3 long range price

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Specs 

A Luxury Tesla Model

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range specs allow us to get to know the best of a small luxury sedan that brings many innovations with its interior and exterior. On the other hand, this vehicle even addresses people who do not intend to buy an electric vehicle.

Full Hybrid Technology

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range hybrid car works thanks to the superior synchronization of 2 separate engines. The rear engine has the same PMSM engine as the rear-wheel drive model 3 version. The front engine can give more torque at low speeds at highway speeds. It is a more efficient induction motor. The rear engine benefits from specifications such as not being overheated and more efficient at low speeds. On the other hand, the front engine is more efficient on the highway and provides more acceleration.

Advanced and Superior Aerodynamics

The air suspension in Model 3 prevents the engine or other important parts from being damaged by difficult roads. The vehicle can be adjusted from the car’s display and after recording, the vehicle is automatically raised or lowered to match the road. This gives the vehicle a great stream of aerodynamics and smoothness.

Excellent Roadholding

Model 3 cars offer a pleasant driving experience. The vehicle, which has sharp orientations, provides a superior roadholding without on winding roads. Also, the driving quality is not reduced even in these difficult roads. The vehicle is a much more robust vehicle than most of its competitors.

Tesla model 3 long range roadholding

Tesla model 3 long range roadholding

Augmented Control

Thanks to the air suspension that automatically saves the roads, it adapts to every road. In addition to the suspension specification, the front and rear motors also provide augmented control for a great ride.

Extraordinary Exterior Design

In Model 3, embedded door handles and protruding mirrors, which reduce wind friction and offer a pleasant appearance, are the product of a great ergonomic design. This vehicle looks much higher than the two different waist lines from both the front wheel and the stop lamp. The vehicle looks more imposing than usual with the aesthetic bonnet.

Aesthetic Interior Design

It has a symmetrical cabinet and an aesthetic console design, compared to its competitors. There is no dial behind the steering wheel. Instead of the dial, information can be tracked on the big screen in the middle of the console. In the vehicle, almost everything is controlled by a central touch screen. The interior of the vehicle, which has a panoramic view of the windshield, looks quite spacious. The glass ceiling feels airy.

Tesla model 3 long range interior

Tesla model 3 long range interior

Engine and Performance

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range electric car is not the fastest car, but very good at acceleration. The AC motor used in the vehicle consists of a rotating stator, which is the outer wall, and a rotating rotor connected to the transmission. The rotor is affected and rotated by the magnetic field formed in the stator. In the induction motor, the electromagnetic field generated by the electricity to the stator is used. In natural magnet motor, the stator consists of other natural magnets. Both have different advantages and disadvantages. But the simple summary of natural magnetic is easier, simpler and more efficient, while the induction motor is more performance oriented. 300 horsepower in the vehicle is transmitted to the rear wheels. This superb car with high engine and horsepower reaches 0 to 62 miles / h in 5.1 seconds.

Fuel Consumption

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range mpg was measured as 136 in the city and 123 in the motorway. The Model 3 offers an annual saving of $ 1,200 in fuel costs compared to non-hybrid peers. In addition, the range of the Long Range version of the vehicle is 318 miles, which normally has a range of 220 miles. In addition, the long range battery increases the performance of the car slightly and reduces it from zero to 60 mph. This electric vehicle can charge at home via a standard 120 volt output. Using a 240-volt adapter kit greatly reduces charging times. The normal charging time of the vehicle is between 6.5 and 8 hours.

Size Specifications

Some of the dimensions of the model 3 cars; wheelbase is 113.2 inches, length is 184.8 inches, width is 76.1 inches and height is 56.8 inches.

Tesla model 3 long range review

Tesla model 3 long range review

Capacity Specifications

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range has a capacity of 5 passengers. The seats are quite spacious. The front seats are also supportive. The driver’s road angle is very well adjusted. The rear seats have sufficient head and leg clearance for long passengers. 15 cubic feet, most of its competitors through the cargo capacity. The rear seats can be folded to provide space for larger items. If the seats are folded down and the front seats are folded in the front, the trunk distance reaches an extraordinary size.

Safety Specifications

One of the most important specifications of the vehicles offered by The Tesla is the auto-pilot. Thanks to the auto-pilot specification, the vehicle can move on its own as long as you touch the steering wheel at certain times. The auto-pilot system is in fact a specific safety specification. This is because many different systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Tracking System and security hardware are intertwined. The Tesla 3 specifications numerous cameras, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, radar and sensors. With these systems, Tesla 3’s autonomous driving is more successful than other brands. Moreover, this excellent electric car is sending the sound wave with the help of a sensor. Thanks to the sound wave that comes back, it measures the distance of the obstacle in front of or behind it.

Other Standard Specifications

In the Model 3 car, a 15-inch touch screen, collision warning and autonomous emergency braking system, dual-zone air conditioning, parts required for autonomous driving (eight cameras, radar, 12 sensors) are standard. Drivers must pay an additional $ 5,000 to purchase the autopilot specification. Tesla Model 3 has no key. The car is switched on by Bluetooth when the drive approaches and locks when it goes away in everyday use,which is identifiable to your mobile phone. Other standard features include; dual zone automatic climate control, glass roof, Bluetooth, navigation, sound system, Wi-Fi hot spot, two USB ports and 15 inch touch screen. Gorgeous, user-friendly touch screen can control many specifications.

Tesla model 3 long range hybrid car

Tesla model 3 long range hybrid car

Warranty Specifications

The Tesla offers a 4-year or 50,000-mile warranty for the Model 3 Log Range. It offers an 8-year or 100,000-mile warranty on a standard battery and a 8-year / 120,000-mile warranty on a long-distance battery.

Positive General Specifications

Great performance and fuel efficiency, strong acceleration and handling, large and supportive seats are some of the positive specifications of this car.

Tesla model 3 long range seat

Tesla model 3 long range seat

Negative General Specifications

Apple does not have CarPlay or Android Auto, the small and hard to read fonts with the touch screen to distract the driver’s attention is the negative specifications of this car.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Videos

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range videos open the doors of a robust electric car that has passed many tests successfully. The video footage of this vehicle with its air suspension also shows the superior roadholding and driving pleasure.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Photos

Are you ready to discover this vehicle that applies the space ship view concept with the Tesla Model 3 Long Range photos? Interesting photos give you the visuals of a glorious and extraordinary ergonomic design.



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