Tesla Model S P85 Review, Rating And Range 

The Tesla Model S P85 is based on efficiency in almost every subject. The Model S luxury sedan has an aesthetic interior and high performance. It provides about 2 times the range of distance compared to many vehicles. The range of this car is 208 miles. On the other hand, the Model S P85 with 4-wheel drive and twin-engine reaches an average of 60 mph from zero in 3.5 seconds. The start-up price of the car is $132,000, which has a great energy efficiency.

Tesla Model S P85 Review 

Luxury Tesla Sedan

The Tesla Model S P85 review offers a modern sedan car with a high quality interior and exterior design. This gorgeous automobile is not a sport car, but it has more performance than its competitors.

Tesla model S P85 review

Tesla model S P85 review

Full Hybrid Technology

The Tesla Model S P85 hybrid car is powered by electric motors that send power directly to the wheels via a single torque. The Tesla Model S P85 uses Lithium-ion batteries. The Model S P85, which has a battery capacity of 85kW, requires a time of at least about 90 hours to be charged in a 110 V outlet. However, when a 220 V socket is used instead of this slow time, charging is completed on average 17 hours. Anyway, it is recommended by Tesla to use a 220 V socket at home. On the other hand, thanks to the High Power Wall Connector with a single charger, the charging can be achieved in less than 10 hours. Thanks to the dual charger, it can be fully charged in maximum 5 hours.

Advanced and Superior Aerodynamics

The Tesla uses the ”Insane” mode with the most aggressive performance setting. Its superior aerodynamic properties make it possible to accelerate quickly at the moment of acceleration.

Excellent Roadholding

The roadholding in this vehicle is very impressive, thanks to the precision steering and the incredibly sticky tires, The roadholding and fun driving performance are excellent although it is a very heavy vehicle.

Augmented Control

The Tesla Model S offers augmented control through precise steering and special driving modes. The refurbished technologies are truly spectacular.

Extraordinary Exterior Design

The Model S P85 offers a highly stylish and proportional exterior design. Xenon headlamps are used for the vehicle’s front lighting and LED lamps are used for the rear lighting. The appearance is also really imposing and aesthetic.

Tesla model S P85 exterior design

Tesla model S P85 exterior design

Aesthetic Interior Design

The interior of the Tesla Model S P85 is equipped with quality and pleasant materials. The gaps between the panels are tight, the materials used are spectacular and everything looks very luxurious. It is also remarkable that the buttons used in the vehicle are quite small.

Engine and Performance

The Tesla Model S P85 electric car features an electric motor that produces 416 hp and 600 Nm of torque. The vehicle has a battery of 85 kWh. The vehicle also can be driven from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and its maximum speed is 208 mph. This innovative sedan vehicle is both a super powerful car and a great family car for engine performance. All-wheel drive and twin-engined make this car superior to most electric vehicles.

Fuel Consumption

The Tesla Model S P85 mpg varies depending on the charging time and the location you charge. The amount of charge provided when charging via 220 Volt electricity in homes may be sufficient for commuting. However, if this vehicle is charged for 30 minutes at any Tesla Supercharger charging station, it can take up to 170 miles. When the battery is fully loaded in this way, 270 miles can be driven.

Size Specifications

The Tesla Model S P85 has a length of 195.9 inches, a width of 77.2 inches, a height of 56.5 inches. The maximum load-carrying capacity is 474 gallons, the wheelbase is 116.49 inches.

Capacity Specifications

The seat height of the vehicle is very good. Also, the entrance to the vehicle is very easy. Because, the doors are wide and high. The cabin is large and spacious. There is enough leg and ceiling space for all passengers.

Tesla model S P85 capacity

Tesla model S P85 capacity

Safety Specifications

The Tesla Model S P85 is equipped with excellent Tesla safety specifications.
A sufficient amount of airbags has been installed in the vehicle for all body areas.
They received full grades from the required tests. The Tesla model is fitted with many important safety systems such as stability and traction control, crash sensors and rear view camera. The stopping distance of several vehicles in the range of 100-110 miles has been reduced by almost half the high-performance Model X P85.

Warranty Specifications

The Tesla Model S P85 offers 4 years / 50,000 miles warranty. It also offers 8 years / unlimited miles warranty for 85kW batteries.


The service is required every 12,500 miles or every 12 months, for the Tesla Model X P85. In addition, there are 3 or 4 years of service with optional and paid services.


The price of The Tesla Model S P85 may seem to be quite negative. In fact, the start-up price of $132,000 for this car is not too expensive, which offers superb energy efficiency.

Tesla model S P85 price

Tesla model S P85 price

Other Standard Specifications

The Tesla Model S P85’s 17-inch giant touchscreen is easy to use. Many devices in the car can be easily controlled from this screen. There are 6 main menus in this interface such as Camera, Web, Energy, Telephone, Media and Navigation. The Internet connection required to use most of these menus is available in The Model S P85. On the other hand, external Wi-Fi is also available. The driver panel has only digital indicators.

Tesla Model S P85 Rating 

Space Rating: 10/10

The Tesla Model S P85 rating levels are very high in almost every way. The height of the vehicle, the seat, the ceiling and the door is very convenient. This car has quite large cabin and sufficient leg space in front of the seat.

Comfort Rating: 10/10

Routine deceleration of the vehicle is provided in time by regenerative braking.
The technology in the vehicle is very easy to use. The seats also offer excellent comfort along the road.

Tesla model S P85 comfort

Tesla model S P85 comfort

Dashboard Rating: 10/10

The 17 inch touch screen and dashboard is very easy to use. Moreover, digital indicators offer unusual specifications.

Easy Driving Rating: 10/10

The steering sensitivity differs between three different modes. However, it is very fast in all modes. The steering is not very light but feels less light than other non-wheel drive models. This precision of the steering wheel and the sudden braking capability make driving easy.

Fun Driving Rating: 9/10

Featuring a 21-inch rim and air suspension, this vehicle offers very good driving pleasure. In addition, the silent operation and the ability to change gears quickly turn other driving fun.

Reliability Rating: 10/10

The Tesla Model S P85 tips to fans for reliability capability with its numerous airbags, powerful and precise brakes.

Tesla model S P85 electric car

Tesla model S P85 electric car

Fuel Economy Rating: 9/10

The Tesla Model S P85 is an ambitious car with very little fuel consumption and range.

Availability and Price Rating: 9/10

The Tesla Model S P85 has a great price compared to its competitors. The price of $132,000 may be suitable for this energy-efficient vehicle.

Safety Rating: 9/10

The automatic pilot specification in the Tesla Model S P85 is a mixed system. Therefore it should never be used without carelessness. In addition, systems such as emergency crash systems and braking systems are very successful in safety.

Standard Specifications Rating: 9/10

This vehicle specifications many useful technological equipment, especially the 17-inch touch screen. It is a great success that the touch screen and other digital indicators are very useful.

Tesla model S P85 hybrid car

Tesla model S P85 hybrid car

Resolution Rating: 10/10

The Tesla Model S is an important vehicle launched by Tesla, which uses technology in an ambitious way. The technological innovations seen in the car are a clear indication that Tesla is committed to this issue.

Tesla Model S P85 Range 

The Tesla Model S P85 range is quite impressive. The vehicle can travel up to 170 miles after being charged for 30 minutes at the charging station at The Tesla Supercharger. The range of this extraordinarily efficient electric car with a fully charged battery is 270 mph.

Tesla Model S P85 Review, Rating And Range 
  • Space Rating
  • Comfort Rating
  • Dashboard Rating
  • Easy Driving Rating
  • Fun Driving Rating
  • Standard Specifications Rating
  • Reliability Rating
  • Fuel Economy Rating
  • Availability and Price Rating
  • Safety Rating
  • Resolution Rating


The Tesla Model S P85 review results are superior in terms of the The Tesla Model S P85 rating. As well as, The Tesla Model S P85 range is extraordinary.

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